Tulfo says Filipinos must pay inheritance tax, but walks away from Marcoses tax issue

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, April 1) — Senate candidate Raffy Tulfo believes that all Filipinos should settle their inheritance tax. But a similar issue involving the heirs of late dictator Ferdinand Marcos has simply become “too politicized” for him to comment on.

“Lahat dapat ng Pilipino meron responsibilidad silang bayaran ang buwis ng minana, ng kanilang ari-arian,” the broadcaster told CNN Philippines ‘ Source Friday.

[Translation: All Filipinos have the responsibility to pay the taxes they have acquired, as well as their properties.]

“In the case of the Marcos, ayokong pakialaman yan, too politicized na yan. Ayoko makisawsaw,” added Tulfo, referring to the £23billion worth of unsettled Marcos family inheritance tax since 1997, which has since ballooned to around £203billion due to penalties and surcharges.

[Translation: In the case of the Marcoses, I don’t want to chime in, it’s too politicized. I don’t want to meddle.]

The independent candidate – amid calls for presidential bet Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr. to apologize for his father’s regime’s human rights abuses and ill-gotten wealth – said earlier that the son n didn’t have to apologize for his father’s sins.

No less than the political party, the younger Marcos agreed he had to settle the £23billion in debt, as this was based on the 1997 Supreme Court ruling which was ultimately found to be final and binding.

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Marcos himself had previously said the issue was surrounded by “a lot of fake news”, but he remained opposed to the media when asked to comment further on the matter.

Tulfo, an adopted senatorial candidate from Sens presidential bets. Manny Pacquiao and Ping Lacson, did not endorse anyone for president. But he added that the future leader must be able to “unite” everyone, even his former rivals under the next administration.

Tulfo did not comment directly when asked about the possibility of victory for Marcos and unity being the battle cry of Marcos’ campaign. But he said it would be nice if the next president could unite his former rivals and appoint some of them to government posts.

President Rodrigo Duterte, without naming the Marcos, has also pushed the Bureau of Internal Revenue to collect some unsettled estate tax to generate more revenue because the government cannot simply suspend e-sabong operations that earn up to to £640million in monthly revenue.

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Tulfo also noted that e-sabong or online cockfighting operations need to be taxed more heavily and strictly regulated.

The Bureau of Internal Revenue currently imposes a 5% franchise tax on e-sabong operators instead of other taxes except VAT or percentage tax. This is separate from the 5% franchise tax paid by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation from its collection of licensing and regulatory fees from the e-sabong operator. Income earned by third-party e-sabong off-cockpit betting stations is subject to regular income taxes and other taxes.

“Kung sa alak at sigarilyo, 40%, pagbili mo agad tinatax-an ka na. Dapat ganoon din [sa e-sabong]. Pagtaya mo meron nang doon fiscal, and generate revenue yan yan” he said.

[Translation: For alcohol and tobacco products, you are taxed at around 40%, it should be the same for e-sabong. Once you place your bets, there must be an imposed tax already, that scheme will also generate revenue.]Tulfo says Filipinos must pay inheritance tax, but walks away from Marcoses tax issue

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