The Question 1 property tax measure aims to improve response times for firefighters and paramedics in the center of Lyon | Carson City Nevada News

On Nov. 8, Lyon County voters will decide on County Question 1 that would convert two existing fire stations currently staffed by volunteers into full-time firefighter-ambulance positions in the central Lyon County Fire Protection District. . The measure is designed to improve response times in the district.

The CLCFPD, which serves all of Dayton as well as Mound House, Silver City, Stagecoach and Silver Springs, covers more than 640 square miles and provides fire protection and emergency medical services to a growing population of nearly 32,000 people. . The fire station comprises 7 fire stations in the department of Lyon, whose population grew by almost 3% last year and has seen the construction of several new housing projects in recent years.

CLCFPD leader Rich Harvey said passing the measure was important. “It is absolutely necessary to provide basic emergency services to the whole community. We want to meet everyone’s needs.

If approved, the measure would increase the number of full-time fire stations in the district from two to four by changing current staff to career firefighter-paramedics at Silver Springs Station and Dayton Valley Road Station. , one of 3 in Dayton.

In support of question 1, CLCFPD mentioned the need for faster response times during a period of increased service calls. Last year, the district answered 4,200 calls, according to, an increase of 30% over the last 10 years. Emergency services, including fire and emergency medical services, use average response times to create strategies to improve emergency response efficiency.

A measure of the time between a 911 call and arrival on the scene, average response times for CLCFPD are over 12 minutes per call, Harvey said. The national standard is 10 minutes. “I’m confident that this issue will allow us to meet that standard,” he said.

Additionally, the district’s fire and paramedics, which was formed 50 years ago, cover a geographic area spanning more than 640 square miles in response to emergencies. “Sometimes it takes a long time to get there,” Harvey said. Having more stations with full-time staff would help manage the large area, he said.

If approved by voters, Question 1 would levy a property tax of $0.23 per $100 of property assessment on all property owners within CLCFPD boundaries for up to 30 years. The measure would add about $80.50 a year in taxes for the owner of a new home with an assessed value of $100,000 according to a county assessor.

Arguments against the measure favor more aggressive recruiting efforts and support for volunteers that they say can be used instead of hiring more full-time firefighters and paramedics. Some opponents of the measure don’t like to raise taxes when volunteers can be moved to make stations sufficiently staffed.

Dayton’s Debbie Conde is against the measure because of the increased tax burden for homeowners.

“I would like to know where the existing taxes go before throwing more money into this hat,” she said. “One of the reasons we are retiring in Nevada is because of a better tax structure.”

His concern was shared by R. Leach, also of Dayton, who lives on a fixed income like many seniors. “We have adequate fire protection in our area. In times of inflation, I am not interested in raising taxes,” he said.

Harvey said the district will continue to use volunteers to help fire station personnel. But he cited a smaller pool of available volunteers as one of the reasons for supporting the measure. “Twenty years ago we had 100 volunteers, now we have 21. At the end of the day, volunteers are an integral part of our service. We are always open to volunteers and we are not straying from being a combo department. The CLCFPD is made up of a combination of paid and volunteer firefighters and emergency medical personnel, sometimes referred to as the combined system, a model used in many fire districts in the United States.

Harvey pointed out that approving the measure is a way to ensure faster response times to help maintain public safety in the community. “We need this election measure to pass to have 50 more years of service in the county of central Lyon,” he said.

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