The 2021 assessment roll is online

Check your property taxes: the 2021 assessment roll is online

Wondering how much your property taxes will be next year? The Village of Scarsdale has released the 2021 Assessment Roll and you can search for your home here:

If you haven’t done any construction on your home in the past year, your assessment should remain unchanged. And this year, the equalization rate for Scarsdale is 100%, which means the value listed is considered fair market value and you don’t need to do any complicated calculations to figure out how much you’ll pay.

However, it also means that you may not have much success filing a grievance this year. Over the past few months, homes have sold well above their assessed value, so your taxes, for now, may seem reasonable.

If you want to file a grievance about your taxes, see a link to instructions on how to do so. You only have until June 15, 2021, so hurry.

Here is an interpretation of the Village’s 2021 assessment roll by a local expert Robert Berg. He said: “This will be, I believe, my ninth year on the Assessment Review Board. Due to a strange statistical coincidence, the state equalization rate for the village of Scarsdale this year is 100%. This suggests that the assessed value of a property is equal to its fair market value. But for most properties, that’s not true. The last citywide assessment was Ryan’s much-criticized reassessment conducted in 2016, which led to several thousand property tax claims over the following years. Thus, our current assessment roll is a hodgepodge of distressed, settled, or court-determined assessments, as well as residual assessments from the Ryan era. Basically it’s a mess. Additionally, due to the rather dramatic rise in market values ​​over the past year, appraisal assessments on average significantly underestimate fair market assessments of properties, even using the July 1, 2020 valuation date. for this year’s real estate grievance process.

What all of this means is that last year was the year to file a property grievance, not this year. For most properties in Scarsdale, filing a property grievance this year will be a losing proposition. My advice this year – check your provisional appraisal value. If you think it is significantly higher than the fair market value of your property as of July 1, 2020, contact our appraiser, Victoria Sirota, immediately. If she has time to review your assessment, she will be happy to give you her opinion on its adequacy. Indeed, if she thinks that your property is overvalued, she will probably suggest that you lower your assessment. If you disagree with it, you can still file a grievance as long as you file it on or before the day of the grievance. Victoria and her staff are extremely courteous and professional, and I encourage you to contact them if you have any questions about the grievance process.

If you wish to file a grievance, click here for instructions and forms:

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