Senate to vote on measures to support Ukraine, reduce property tax burden and expand consumer protections

S.144 Sa

Diegnan, Patrick J./

Beach, James

Establishes the “COVID-19 Frontline and Healthcare Worker Memorial Commission”. S.330 Sca

Singleton, Troy/

Scutari, Nicholas P.

Increase distribution to municipalities of the Property Tax Relief Fund on energy tax receipts over two years to restore municipal assistance reductions; requires that the additional assistance be deducted from the municipal property tax levy. S.343 Sca

Singleton, Troy/

Scutari, Nicholas P.

Increases, from 18% to 30%, the amount of rent defined as rent constituting property taxes for the purpose of deducting from gross income for the payment of property taxes. S.356

Gopal, Wine

Provides lifetime bans from driving a commercial motor vehicle and a transit system company vehicle for those convicted of human trafficking. S.380

Rice, Ronald L./

Pou, Nellie

Establishes a disparity in the treatment of persons with disabilities in the DCA Underrepresented Communities Commission. S.464 Sca

Sacco, Nicholas J./

Lagana, Joseph A.

Revises the terms of use of virtual or distance education to meet the requirement of a minimum school year of 180 days. S.521

Cruz-Perez, Nilsa I.

Expressly allows medical cannabis patients under the age of 18 to have up to four designated caregivers. S.737/951 Scs

Lagana, Joseph A./

Gopal, Wine/

Turner, Shirley K.

Excludes contributions made to certain retirement savings plans as tax on gross income. S.757

Sarlo, Paul A./

Oroho, Steven V.

Authorizes circumstantial events on certain farms in a preserved agricultural environment, under certain conditions. S.783 Sca

Singleton, Troy/

Beach, James

Establishes the Opioid Recovery and Remediation Fund and the Opioid Recovery and Remediation Fund Advisory Council; provides funds received from opioid settlements to support prevention and treatment programs for substance use disorders. S.891 Sca

Pou, Nellie/

Scutari, Nicholas P.

Prohibits tax preparers from engaging in certain practices involving prepayment checks and loans. S.902 Sca

Pou, Nellie

Imposes consumer protection requirements on service providers. S.1535

Greenstein, Linda R.

Allows counties to operate airports as county utilities; provides that bonds for county and municipal airport purposes shall be issued in accordance with the provisions of the “Local Bonds Act”. S.1802

Cryan, Joseph P./

Scutari, Nicholas P.

Provides an additional $25 million to HMFA for the Capital Improvement Assistance Program. S.1889

Sarlo, Paul

Imposes certain prohibitions on state and local governments regarding businesses associated with Russia. SR.15

Cruz-Perez, Nilsa I.

Urge the DRPA to create a toll rebate program for military veterans. SR.63

Scutari, Nicholas P./

Cryan, Joseph P.

Recognizes May 2-8, 2022 as Trenton Navy Week. ACR.115


Coughlin, Craig J./

Di Maio, John

Cryan, Joseph P./

Cruz-Perez, Nilsa I.

Condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine and supports the Ukrainian government and citizens.

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