San Diego County Assessor Releases Property Tax Roll: Record $679.15 Billion

On Thursday, the San Diego County assessor certified the roll for the 2022 assessed value of all taxable property in the county: a record $679.15 billion, or 8.27% more than the previous year .

This represents a value gain of $51.8 billion and is based on values ​​appraised as of January 1, 2022. The prop. 13 of California has limited 888,884 properties to a 2% increase in assessed value – intended to ensure affordability for homeowners and generate revenue for government services. .

The roll included 1,011,214 real estate parcels, 55,071 professional movable property accounts, 13,410 boats and 1,541 aircraft. The total net assessed value of the roll is $652.95 billion after deducting $26.19 billion for a record reduction resulting in more than $260 million in property tax savings for homeowners, disabled veterans and charities, according to a statement from the county assessor’s office.

“While some assessor offices struggled, my extraordinary staff closed the tax roll on time and in full,” said county assessor Ernest Dronenburg. “If we don’t close the tax roll in time, county services will be disrupted, taxpayers impacted, and we would see a cascading effect that would impact revenues for schools, libraries, parks and other key emergency services.”

The property tax reduction outreach program, led by Chief Assistant Assessor/Taxpayer Advocate Jordan Marks, qualified 469,962 homeowners for $32.8 million and a record savings of $18.7 million. dollars in property tax savings for 12,760 San Diego County disabled veterans.

Marks also led outreach to affordable housing and homeless service providers, which resulted in a record 5,254 nonprofit entities, saving more than $210 million in property taxes for organizations that provide affordable housing, housing for low-income seniors, homeless services, schools, churches, museums and other charities.

“With Proposition 13, no homeowner should lose their home to unaffordable property taxes due to the recent spike in home prices,” Marks said. “At the same time, governments will receive record reliable funding for the tenth consecutive year to deliver key services, like schools and first responders.”

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