Recover 90% of property tax assessments this fiscal year, government tells Mcg | Gurgaon News

Gurgaon: Highlighting the poor performance of the MCG in property tax collection over the past fiscal year, the Urban Local Bodies Department (ULB), Haryana has ordered the MCG to recover at least 90% of the unpaid property taxes in 2022-23. The ULB department also ordered the MCG to submit quarterly reports on its revenue and expenditure on the fifth day of each quarter starting July 5.
The civic body could only generate 13% of projected property tax revenue – Rs 165 crore – against its target of Rs 1,235 crore in 2021-22. For the current financial year, it has set a target of generating Rs 1,100 crore from property tax, officials said.
“This is the first time that the ULB department has asked us to send a quarterly report of our income and expenditure. That the ULB controls our income and our expenses would make it possible to rationalize the whole system and it is a welcome measure. Along with approving our budget, the department also sent their observations and recommendations,” said Vijay Singla, Account Manager at MCG.
The ULB department also pointed out that electricity bills for office buildings and streetlights must be paid on time to avoid paying huge penalties.
“The ULB department has approved the MCG budget with certain modifications and recommendations. The ministry has emphasized revenue generation and also required MCG to submit quarterly reports on its sources of revenue and the status of revenue generated. Together with the commissioner, I will monitor income sources and generated income monthly so that MCG’s income will be improved this year,” Mayor Madhu Azad said.
The ULB department also ordered MCG to collect arrears and pending fees for municipal taxes, charges, etc. Recommending a series of measures to increase income, the company was also urged to generate income from its land.

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