Quaker Valley School District to raise property taxes by 2.9%

Property owners in the Quaker Valley School District should expect to see a 2.9% property tax increase as a result of next school year’s budget.

Board members voted unanimously to approve the proposed final budget for 2022-23 on April 12.

Its formal adoption is scheduled for May 18.

The budget includes an increase in the mileage rate of 0.5656 mils, from 19.4711 mils to 20.0367 mils.

No program or staff reductions are proposed.

Owners of a $200,000 home would pay $9.43 more per month in property taxes, or $113.16 more for the year.

District finance manager Scott Antoline said the increase was needed to help balance the budget with rising costs for everything else.

“Unfortunately, Quaker Valley is not immune to the inflationary pressures that are hitting us all at home as well,” Antoline said. “However, I am confident that we will be able to keep tax rate increases within the allowable limits for next year and into the near future.”

In January, the board approved a resolution to keep any tax increases within a state inflation-based limit of 3.4%.

Bill 1, passed in 2006 to provide property tax relief, sets a tax cap for school districts to cover normal inflationary costs and still adopt a balanced budget without exceeding the cap for rising property taxes. taxes.

Jeff Watters, board member and treasurer, said his colleagues and trustees had done all they could to keep the increase to a minimum.

“There is a tax increase this year due to inflationary pressures on operating costs and additional funding for the high school project,” Watters said. “We continue to monitor information from state and federal funding sources; however, we don’t expect any major changes by next month.

Projected revenues for 2022-23 were approximately $55.629 million and expenses were $55.639 million, a shortfall of $10,000. Antoline said the void could be filled through the reserve fund.

The income includes approximately $35.82 million in current property taxes, $4.95 million in earned income taxes, just under $9 million in public funds and approximately $1.057 million in federal funds.

Expenses include approximately $23.385 million for salaries, $13.831 million for benefits including Social Security and pensions, $6.47 million for debt service, $2.27 million for transportation, $1.168 million for purchased real estate services and budget reserve, $2.02 million for professional services, and $3.184 million for miscellaneous expenses.

Board chairman Jon Kuzma said there was nothing out of the ordinary about planning for next school year’s budget.

“We have a very defined process and we always plan for the long term,” he said. “There are many factors that go into creating a budget and while the variations may change from year to year, the process is the same.”

The proposed budget is available for review at the District Office, 100 Leetsdale Industrial Drive.

Michael DiVittorio is a staff writer for Tribune-Review. You can contact Michael at 412-871-2367, [email protected] or via Twitter .

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