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TOWNSHIP OF SADSBURY — Property taxes in Sadsbury Township will rise for the first time in five years under a 2022 budget approved by township supervisors on Tuesday.

The $1.25 million budget was approved 2-0 with supervisors Kevin VanHonk and Bonnie Heil Smith voting for the budget. President Lyle Hoovler was absent due to illness.

The budget includes a property tax increase of 0.5 mills, increasing the mileage from the current 4.5 mills to 5.0 mills for 2022. The property tax increase for next year is the first for the Township of Sadsbury since Budget 2018.

However, the new budget eliminates the street lighting assessment for properties, but increases the fire hydrant assessment.

“It’s been a very difficult year,” VanHonk, vice chairman of the board, said after the meeting.

“Everything costs more,” VanHonk said. “Each year, we put money into an equipment fund. Over the past 10 or 12 years, we decided we were going to stay current. We have an equipment replacement program — we’ve replaced trucks, we’ve replaced the backhoe, we’ve done a lot. Every year we put “X” dollars into this (equipment) fund so that we can pay for things as they come due. “

VanHonk noted that health insurance rates for the township have increased by about 7%, with the premium projected at $126,000 for 2022.

“Health care costs are rising, but we’ve decided not to pass them on to employees,” VanHonk said.

The township had six employees covered by health insurance, but it will increase to five in 2022 as one of them becomes eligible for Medicare.

The township has a police department with a total of eight full-time and part-time officers. The police department is expected to cost $320,000 out of a total public safety budget of $364,500 for 2022.

VanHonk noted that the township added a fourth full-time road department employee in 2021 and added a part-time zoning officer. The township’s total public works budget will be $320,900 for 2022.

With the $0.5 million increase in property taxes in 2022, a property with a property assessment of $23,500 will see township property taxes increase by $11.75. Township property taxes on that $23,500 assessment, which is the median assessment for Crawford Count, will increase from $105.75 this year to $117.50 in 2022.

However, the budget eliminates a street lighting assessment for 2022.

The township had issued about 900 street light assessment bills, most of which were between $20 and $100, according to Rose Mumau, township clerk. The cost is based on a property’s road frontage, though there have been more than 100 with appraisals of $100 to $200, Mumau said.

The township increased its fire hydrant assessment from $9 to $14 per parcel to better align with its costs.

The hydrants are not owned by a municipal water board, but are owned by Aqua America and are located on the east side of Lake Conneaut. The township has budgeted $15,600 for the cost of hydrants in 2022.

Property owners within 1,000 feet of a fire hydrant get a discount on their fire insurance, Mumau said.

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