Property Taxes, Cancellation of Cultivation and ‘Bull Durham’

Property taxes on a merry-go-round

Long Island’s property tax system is like a merry-go-round [“Tax firms donate, taxpayers lose,” Editorial, Aug. 22]. It is expensive to operate, and the owner and the counties keep going in circles. Neither makes any real headway, and the tax claim companies get the brass ring.

And besides, the price of a ticket to Nunley’s Carousel is clearly displayed at the ticket office. It is a non-negotiable item.

—Howie Weinick, Woodmere

Republicans have a cancel culture too

William FB O’Reilly makes valid points in “Was Anne Frank’s Diary Banned in Texas?” [Opinion, Aug. 19]. However, when he infers that the political right is catching up with the “cancellation culture” left, he is misleading.

Ask people whose right to vote has been revoked by the right because they don’t like the results of recent elections if they feel nullified. Or ask the LGBTQ community or women whose reproductive concerns are ignored if they feel undone.

How about the Republican politicians who dared to stand up and oppose former President Donald Trump? Many of their families were threatened and they lost the election with the support of an uncontrollable right in Congress.

While I agree with O’Reilly’s basic premise and believe that those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it, I do not believe that the political right has come late in wars on cancel culture. They wrote the book.

—Jerry Giammatteo, Sayville

The actors of “Durham” in a league of their own

How does a book review on the making of a major film, “Bull Durham”, not mention the three wonderful lead actors who made this film a success? Kevin Costner, Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins are not mentioned in the body of the review, “In a League of Their Own” [Books, fanfare, Aug. 21]. They were cast perfectly and made the film a lasting success.

—Jack Schwartz, Bellmore

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