Property tax relief for residents of Saint-Louis

ST. LOUIS, Mo. — The Real Estate Tax Relief Fund helps address the displacement of St. Louis homeowners who are unable to pay their property tax bills. After a great start in just over a month, the mayor’s office has decided to help RETAF retain more money that will help residents in need.

“It’s about impacting people, and people need help, and a lot of people are hurting, so it can really help keep their part of the American dream alive,” said the executive director of Park Central Development. , Abdul Abdullah.

“That this coalition comes together and does what it does well is amazing,” he said.

Abdullah said that initially it was a multi-entity initiative that started with seventy-five thousand dollars. Then Mayor Jones’ office provided additional financial assistance in the form of five hundred thousand dollars.

Not only will RETAF help people stay in their homes, it will also build equity and stabilize neighborhoods.

“That’s why these next three years, these 500,000 that have been allocated, should be for us to really reach that critical mass of people who are homeowners in the city,” Abdullah said.

He said RETAF was already helping ahead of the first property tax sale to be held on Tuesday morning.

“At this point, we have 10 people we’ve helped over the past month,” he said.

“What we’re trying to do is really work with those who are at the most critical stage of losing their homes. That’s why the sheriff’s department is very important because they have a list of people who will be kicked out of these homes, and those are the people we’re really targeting for this first phase to really try to help those most at risk. risk.

St. Louis City Revenue Collector Greg Daly sent us this statement saying:

“RETAF steps in at the most precarious time for homeowners in our city’s property tax foreclosure system, helping families stay stably housed and retain their hard-earned equity.”

Abdullah said RETAF proves that private and public entities can work together to do what is best for the people.

“I appreciate Mayor Jones’ vision, his compassion, and Collector Daly’s vision and passion to work together to cooperate. This spirit is what this city needs to move forward,” Abdullah said.

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