Property tax relief for residents affected by COVID

The California Mortgage Relief Program provides one-time payments to qualified homeowners who fell behind on their housing payments during the COVID-19 pandemic by covering missed mortgage and property tax payments.

With $1 billion in federal funds, the program aims to help homeowners who have fallen behind on mortgage and property tax payments.

“Sonoma County is pleased to join the state in informing eligible taxpayers about financial assistance during this difficult time,” Sonoma County Tax Auditor-Comptroller-Treasurer-Collector Erick Roeser said at A press release. “We are proactively reaching out to Sonoma County homeowners who could benefit from this program to help them save their homes.”

Homeowners are now eligible for program assistance if their household income is at or below the county income limit (150% of their county’s regional median income, based on the federal limits set for this program) .

California homeowners interested in applying can find their county’s median income using a calculator available online at

Additionally, homeowners who missed at least two mortgage payments before June 30, 2022 and are currently in arrears may be eligible for assistance.

Homeowners can check their eligibility for the California Mortgage Relief Program by visiting and clicking the “Apply Now” button. Homeowners who meet the screening criteria can complete an application for financing.

On-demand help is available through the program’s contact center at 888-840-2594.

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