Property tax rate lower, but Lincoln owners could still pay more | Local government


Thirteen government subdivisions make up a Lincoln owner’s tax bill. By far the largest is Lincoln Public Schools, which account for 62%. The city of Lincoln represents 16% and the county 14%.

Of those three, LPS and Lancaster County both reduced their effective tax rates by 1 cent per $ 100 of assessment. The city of Lincoln has lowered its tax by about a quarter of a cent.

The county transferred about three-quarters of a cent to the Railroad Transportation Safety District, providing the funds needed to build the ambitious 33rd Street Railroad Viaduct and Cornhusker Expressway project.

Southeast Community College’s tax rate has not changed from last year.

City council approves the budget, including using the majority of additional tax revenue

For the first time since 1986, the Lincoln Airports Authority budget provided for a tax levy to fund a major expansion and renovation of its passenger terminal. He plans to levy the tax for 15 years.

The Lower Platte NRD tax rate has come down, as has the Lancaster County Agricultural Society levy, which supports the Lancaster Event Center.

Although leaders at the agricultural society and event centers say they need a bigger source of income, a cover that restricts spending prohibits them from raising the tax rate. The cover was based on the income the farming company needed to put on the county fair in 1998 – when it was using state fairground land. Now that he is sitting on his own land and hosting other events, his spending has increased, but his ability to raise taxes has not, said county budget manager Dennis Meyer.

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