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Flooded with lies, grossly misinformed and underinformed by more than three decades of one-party rule (rent seeking, scapegoating, gaslighting, scaremongering and false narratives spewed by the executive branch of the Nebraska state government ) Attendees at a recent town hall meeting in Syracuse expressed anger at Otoe County superintendents and other county officials.

While many newspapers across Nebraska counties, such as Lancaster County in the east to the extremely partisan Lincoln County in the west, print stories about these statewide meetings. , all commented that the participants gave a listening ear to the leaders of their county.

Unfortunately, as this writer observed, none, yes none of the attendees at the Syracuse Town Hall meeting addressed the “CAUSES” or offered any sensible working solutions to the property tax problem of the Nebraska, choosing instead to complain only about the “EFFECTS” of Nebraska’s steady rise. property taxes.

Yes, none expressed concerns about how Nebraska plans long term to pay for the huge state and state corporate income tax cut of 25% or 7.81 to 5.84% that the 2022 Nebraska Legislature just passed and Governor Pete Ricketts signed into law.

Yes, none expressed concerns about how Nebraska plans long term to pay for the huge top income tax cut of 14.6% or 6.84 to 5.84% Nebraska’s 2022 Legislature has just passed and Governor Pete Ricketts has signed the law into law.

Yes, none expressed concern that the huge personal and corporate income tax cuts mentioned above were primarily funded by one-time COVID relief funds and the rainy day fund . None asked, with the 2022 crop year drought, “what is the method of funding these cuts next year without COVID relief funds and a dwindling rainy day fund”? Yes, none expressed concern that if Nebraska’s economic health and revenue streams are significantly impacted by the drought, will the Nebraska Legislature continue to shift local funding to property taxes? . If so, will our 2023 property assessments skyrocket through the roof.

Yes, none expressed concern that the decline in value of their 401K might be the result of the “DOW” being heavily overvalued for decades by companies favoring public tax policies such as the huge 40% or 35-21% income of President Donald Trump. tax cut that was promised to create new investment in business plant and equipment to create more jobs only to be used to buy back corporate “cash shares” the sole purpose of which was to inflate the “DOW”.

Yes, none have expressed concern about Nebraska’s plans to pay the long-term estate tax reduction that the 2022 Nebraska Legislature just passed and Governor Pete Ricketts signed into law.

Yes, none expressed concerns that might explain how HR 1031 Like Exchange simply kills Otoe Counties property assessments and related tax assessments. Yes, none expressed concerns about how the strengthened basis for determining capital gains taxes on inherited lands may affect our states’ property tax assessments.

Yes, none expressed concerns that could explain how our state has grossly failed in its constitutional responsibility to fund public education or, for that matter, any local entities. Currently, our state funds our state public schools at a rate that places our public schools at 49 nationwide in state funding.

Yes, none expressed concern about how they were going to manage their retirement, or 401 accounts as its value declined due to rising “federal” interest rates. Nobody suggested that maybe since bond yields go up with rising interest rates, bonds might be a good alternative.

But you know what? In the crowd present sat a battered and very weathered decrepit old man who suffers from cardiovascular health problems, has lost many teeth, suffered from overexposure to the sun during his early years, was an economics professor during his professional years , is in his porch swing years of life, but luckily still has a working mind from time to time. As this decrepit old man listened, the anger rose to a boiling point in his stomach at the endless parade of absolutely ridiculous statements, like the one that most likely arose from Governor Pete Ricketts’ town hall meetings where he deliberately tagged President Joe Bidens. 30-by-30 conservation plan as a “Land grab”, with the participant stating “Did you know the government will end all farming in 10 years”. And a second statement from an apparently public school hater, also most likely Gov. Pete Ricketts-born, said “public school teachers don’t need a raise.”

A lifelong Nebraska resident, this decrepit old man is familiar with Albert Einstein’s definition of “insanity” as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” And remembers the Reagan vs. Carter presidential debate of October 28, 1980, where presidential candidate Ronald Reagan used a rhetorical question that would ultimately lead to Reagan’s election victory.

This decrepit old man becomes increasingly motivated by a September 18, 2022, Lincoln Journal Star op-ed: “Campuses Must Embrace Healthy Debate,” to challenge or create skepticism and discomfort within deeply entrenched conservative beliefs. and traditional lockdown actions by participants in town hall. just like he did so long ago with pride and confidence in his class.

So the decrepit old man asked the crowd present if they were happy with the rate of property taxes they were paying. Stating that “if they were, then they should continue to vote ‘not in their best interest’ as they have done for the past 30 years”, “if they weren’t, then they should reconsider how they plan to vote in November.”

Then the decrepit old man followed with pointed and sometimes accusatory hyperbole and statements that touched on each of the above unasked “causes” in a bid to hit emotional hot buttons within the crowd. And hopefully lead them to think for themselves instead of becoming slaves to the rhetoric that Nebraska’s highly partisan, autocratic, plutocratic, selfish, rent-seeking far-right politicians want them to believe.

” It worked ? Will Nebraskans continue to vote against their own interests? Will Nebraskan continue its 30-plus year “crazy” vote of “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results” that will prevail in November! I hope not ! But remember it took over 20 years for Nebraskans to realize that their beloved Cornhuskers no longer had a “me”?

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