Property/Rent Tax Rebate Program Available for Elderly and Disabled Pennsylvania Residents

Erie, Pa. (WJET/WFXP/ – The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue announced Thursday that elderly and disabled Pennsylvanians can now apply for refunds on property taxes or rent paid in 2021.

Assistance is available through the Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program. The program has provided more than $7.1 billion to eligible Pennsylvanians since the program began in 1971.

The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue launched this online option in 2021 to make it easier for Pennsylvanians who benefit from the program each year to submit their applications. According to the department, nearly 500,000 Pennsylvania residents benefit from the program each year.

Revenue Secretary Dan Hassell said he has seen thousands of eligible residents take advantage of the easy-to-use myPATH deposit option to submit their refund claims.

“Online filing saves you a trip to the mailbox and the cost of sending a paper application. If you know people who might be eligible, encourage them to visit to complete an application. We want to do everything we can to make sure everyone who is eligible receives this lifesaving help. »

Dan Hassell, Revenue Secretary

How to register

After verifying the eligibility requirements, you can submit your reimbursement request online by visiting By submitting your application via my path is easy and does not require you to register for an account.

Applicants will be asked to provide specific information about their income and rent/property taxes. Applicants should check the Property/Rent Tax Rebate Program Instruction Booklet to find out what information they will need to enter/upload to complete the process.

By using the electronic option available via offers many benefits, including:

  • Quick processing and direct deposit options
  • the where is my refund? tool to track the status of a claim online
  • Automatic calculators reducing errors
  • Instant confirmation that your application has been submitted
  • Security features to ensure the safety of your sensitive information

Applicants must reapply for reimbursement each year, as reimbursements are based on annual income and property taxes or rent paid each year. Spouses, personal representatives, or estates can file claims on behalf of claimants who have lived at least one day in 2021 and meet all other eligibility criteria.

Applicants who still wish to file a paper application form can obtain the Property Tax/Rent Refund Application Forms (PA-1000) and related information on the Ministry of Revenue website or by calling 1-888-222-9190.

Claiming reimbursement is free, and applicants are reminded that free assistance is available at hundreds of locations across the state, including Department of Revenue District Offices, Local Aging Agenciessenior centers and offices of state legislators.

Visit the Rent/Property Discount Page on the Ministry of Revenue website for more information on the program and how to apply for a rebate.

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When can you expect your refund?

Rebates will be distributed beginning July 1, as required by law. Here is some additional information to keep in mind:

  • If you provide your telephone number on your property/rent tax rebate application form or in the my path electronic application, you will receive an automated call from the Ministry of Revenue when your application is posted in the ministry’s processing system. You will also receive another automated call when your request is approved.
  • The easiest way to check the status of your remittance is to use the Where is my refund? tool. To check the status of your claim, you will need your:
    • Social Security number
    • Year of application
    • Date of Birth

About the Property/Rent Tax Rebate Program

The rebate program benefits eligible Pennsylvanians age 65 and older; widows and widowers aged 50 and over; and persons with disabilities aged 18 and over. The income limit is $35,000 per year for owners and $15,000 per year for renters, and half of Social Security income is excluded.

Maximum standard rebate is $650, but additional rebates for certain qualifying owners may increase rebates to $975. The Department of Revenue automatically calculates additional rebates for eligible homeowners.

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