NYS Budget offers property tax rebate

by: Amal Tlaige

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ALBANY, NY (NEWS10) – The state budget is now providing 2.5 million eligible New Yorkers with a property tax rebate. The credit is available to low- and middle-income households as well as seniors enrolled in the School Tax Relief Program.

Under the program, Basic STAR and Enhanced STAR recipients are eligible for the discount. Basic Star beneficiaries are those whose income is less than $250,000. Enhanced members are those 65 and older who earn less than $92,000. The discounts would be a percentage of their existing STAR benefits.

However, some lawmakers believe this is not enough tax relief. Senator Jim Tedisco says his proposed two-star relief program would have helped New Yorkers save more and eliminate school property taxes for those 80 and over.

“My proposal would have doubled the property tax credit for anyone on the basic program, and doubled for seniors who are on the enhanced programs. Close to $800 for the basic program and probably close to $1,200 for the enhanced program. »

For now, the Senate has not received a fixed date for the start of these discounts.

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