NOTICE: You may be eligible for Hingham Property Tax Relief

Glenn Mangurian

July 22, 2022 Submitted by Glenn Mangurian

The world is suffering physically and economically from an unprecedented pandemic. Covid has shut down parts of our economy and broken parts of our supply chain. The good news is that our economy has come back strong. Unemployment is at its lowest in 50 years. Demand continues to outstrip supply, driving up prices, including gas and food prices. Home values ​​are at all time highs. For the most part, the residents of Hingham are doing very well.

Residents Support Residents
As I wrote last year, a few Hingham families are stretching their resources to make ends meet. The Hingham Food Pantry continues to provide an important safety net for Hingham families in need. The Food Pantry receives its food and funding through the generosity of our fellow citizens, local food establishments, and the Greater Boston Food Bank. The generosity of Hingham residents extends to property tax relief. This year’s City budget includes more than $500,000 in property tax relief funds to be given to residents in need.

Information and help are available
There are over eight different property tax relief programs for residents based on age, income, and veteran or disability status. Recognizing the challenges of making residents aware of these valuable programs, Hingham leaders have formed a cross-departmental task force to spread the word and help residents find suitable programs. If you, a relative, neighbor or friend would like to learn more, please call the Hingham Assessor’s Office at 781-741-1455 to discuss the availability of tax relief programs and your potential qualifications. They are eager to help.

We are lucky to live in a city where the generosity of its inhabitants is real and visible.

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