More Penn Manor seniors would be eligible for property tax rebate being amended | Community News

When: Penn Manor School Board meeting, Feb. 7.

What happened: The council agreed to consider raising the income limit for the district’s property tax relief program to $35,000, making more people eligible for rebates.

why it matters: Business manager Chris Johnston said the scheme, which was launched in the 2006-07 school year, aims to provide tax relief to low-income residents aged 65 and over.

Details: Johnston said the current income limit is $30,000 and district rebates can reach $650. So far this school year, 204 rebates totaling $68,764 have been paid to eligible taxpayers. Johnston said the income limit was raised from $25,000 to $30,000 in 2020 in anticipation of tax hikes to fund the high school renovation project. The income limit increase in 2020 added 37 people to the program, he said.

Quoteable: “I love the program. It’s something we can do to help our low-income seniors,” said school board member Nickole Nafziger.

And after: The board will take steps to continue the program and increase the income limit at its February 22 meeting.

Recruit and retain employees: Johnson; Phil Gale, assistant superintendent for secondary education; and Jerry Egan, assistant superintendent of elementary education, presented ideas for recruiting and retaining employees. Johnston said the recruiting and retention issues aren’t unique to the district; they are felt by school districts and businesses nationwide. Gale said staff members at all levels are taking on additional responsibilities such as serving the cafeteria or helping out in the classroom to cover unfilled positions. He said that while it’s something that can work in the short term, it’s not ideal and strains day-to-day operations. Johnston contacted other school districts in the county to find out what they were doing. Some of the ideas include raising salaries for existing staff and starting salaries for new hires, offering referral incentives for existing staff, free lunch for substitute teachers, and paying higher rates for teachers. substitute teachers. In addition, the advertisement for the positions could be reworded so that it is easier to understand; examples change “paraprofessionals” to “classroom aides” or “LPNs” to “health care assistant”. The ad could focus on the benefits of working for a school district, such as no weekends, no vacations, and no evenings.

And after: The board asked Johnston and Gale to provide recommendations for consideration at the February 22 meeting.

Beginning: Superintendent Mike Leichliter said an outdoor start is scheduled for Wednesday, June 1, with rain dates of June 2 or June 3.

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