Key October dates for French property tax and income


Several key dates are announced this month related to local property taxes and income tax in France.

Here are the deadlines to watch in the coming weeks for these taxes, including property tax, housing tax and income tax.

Note that these are the usual dates. In a few cases, especially for owners of second homes, local property tax deadlines may be later – if so, this will be indicated on your tax notice, which you should now have received in the mail and / or your online space on

October 15 (or 20)

This Friday, October 15 is the deadline to pay your property tax if you do not pay in monthly installments, do not plan to pay online, and have not set up a direct debit at the due date.

This period concerns, for example, payment by check to the Public Treasury sent to your tax office, or by dating and signing the TIP slip included on your tax notice and returning it, by bank card to one of the tobacconists that offers the proximity payment service, or in cash at the tax office.

October 20 is the date if you want to use online payment to pay your bill by direct online payment or via the impots.gouv smartphone application and by scanning the QR code of your bill. Payment will be taken from your account on October 25.

October 15 is also the date of the 10th monthly payment of local deductions if you are subject to this regime, as well as the 10th monthly payment of withholding at source if you have regular income that is not taxable directly at source, such as income from the rental of a property.

25 october

If your income tax paid at source for the year 2020 did not cover your entire 2020 income tax bill as it is now assessed on your new tax notice, a deposit may be taken to date.

This will apply, following a first payment on September 27, where you had an outstanding amount of more than € 300 to pay.

If so, further installments will follow on November 25 and December 27 as well.

This is likely to affect you if you had new or one-off sources of income in 2020 compared to 2019, or if your regular income increased in 2020 and you have not updated your tax details at source in your online space.

October 31

If you are still eligible for housing tax payment and have not paid by installments, this is the last date to register for payment by direct debit at the due date.

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Added to this is the bill for the French television license fee, which this year amounts to € 138.

This payment method is suitable for those who do not pay in regular installments and want to make sure that they do not forget the payment date. It sets up a direct debit that will be withdrawn 10 days after the initial due date, that is to say for most people on November 25.

You must have a bank account in France or Monaco.

You can set it up online with the details of your tax notice, via the smartphone app under My Payment Contracts, or by phone or email at your tax office.

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