Isko reveals it’s his idea to raise Marcoses’ unpaid property taxes

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, April 27) – Aksyon Demokratiko presidential candidate Isko Moreno has revealed that it was his idea to raise the Marcos family’s unsettled property taxes in public.

“I personally brought it up, not my band,” Moreno clarified in an interview with CNN Philippines main anchor and correspondent Pinky Webb.

Last March, the political party led by Moreno called on the Marcos to pay their tax debts, in line with a 1997 Supreme Court ruling.

The Bureau of Internal Revenue has confirmed that it is asking the Marcos family to settle their inheritance tax debt, which Moreno’s camp claimed to have skyrocketed from ₱23 billion in 1997 to over ₱203 billion.

The incumbent mayor of Manila reiterated his party’s position that the Marcos should pay the property taxes in question as an obligation to Filipinos.

“It’s not about anti-Marcos. This is a fact. How can you take the lead, how can you say I will bring unity and you create disunity by not fulfilling your simple obligation,” Moreno stressed.

Partido Federal ng Pilipinas Advocate General Atty. George Briones told CNN Philippines’ The Source on March 30 that their party – where former senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. is running for president – agreed that the Supreme Court’s decision on the tax on the Marcos family estates worth ₱23 billion is final and enforceable.

Briones, however, pointed out that surtaxes for unsettled debt in recent years could still be reconciled and that the 203 billion in estate tax debts cannot yet be considered final. .

Moreno added that officials must set a good example when it comes to paying taxes.

“Paano ngayon magbabayad ng buwis ang tao, huh gobyerno’s lifeblood is buwis, if I don’t know if mismo pangulo hindi ka nagbabayad ng buwis?” Moreno joked.

[Translation: How will the citizens pay taxes, taxes being the government’s lifeblood, if the president himself is not paying taxes?]

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