Income tax officials launched a raid in Maharashtra’s Jalna posing as Baraatis, Watch the video

A team from the Income Tax Department dressed as baraatis launched a well-planned raid in Jalna, Maharashtra in the first week of August. In all the pre-planned movements, the officials headed towards Jalna in 120 vehicles with the posters showing “Rahul eds Anjali” and “Dulhan hum le Jayenge”.

On the ministry’s radar were two business groups dealing in steel, clothing and real estate on the grounds of tax evasion. The teams carried out raids on premises, warehouses and farms.

The raid lasted a week, led by the detection and investigation wing of the computer department of the Nashik office and involved more than 250 members of units from Nashik, Pune, Nagpur, Aurangabad and Mumbai, a Nashik official said. briefed the media while opening up about the incident on condition of anonymity.

All vehicles left for the spot separately to ensure no one was alerted to the raid.

Another official said: “Once the search began, no one was allowed to enter or leave the factories, residences, offices and farms that were searched, in fact there were 70 trucks in the manufacturing units in Jalna that were in the process of loading or unloading shipments and all this activity has been halted until the whole research process is completed.”

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The raids were conducted over a week-long period from August 1-8. Rs 100 crore of Benami’s property, comprising Rs 56 crore in cash, and 32 kg of gold, diamonds and property papers were found at the scene. According to various media, it took authorities about 13 hours to count the seized money.

A video showing raids from the premises was posted on social media, journalist Manish Shukla posted the video on his Twitter account informing about the incident, Watch here.

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