Hurricane Ida property tax cuts to be filed by October 7, 2021


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Abby Napoli was worried. Not only did she focus on the post-Ida reopening of her family’s historic French Creole restaurant, Café Sbisa, but she also worried about damage to family rental properties. “The roof came off my tenant’s apartment and we need to rebuild it. That will take time. It’s a stressful time, ”said Napoli.

Between lost rental income, renovation costs and a high insurance deductible, Napoli knew it had to save its resources. She quickly became one of more than 2,000 homeowners who have already claimed a tax deduction for Hurricane Ida through assessor Erroll Williams.

Applications are accepted until Thursday, October 7, 2021 at 4:00 PM for homeowners to reduce their 2021 property assessment. Eligible individuals can apply in person, by phone or online. “I was worried about the process but it turned out to be very straightforward,” said Napoli who applied online. “I uploaded all the information and photographs, and got a quick response.”

While in-person appointments are available, most people currently apply online or by phone. With the deadline fast approaching, the number of applicants is steadily increasing every day.

“It’s an easy process,” Williams said. “Homeowners can complete the Hurricane Ida Damage Form on our website and submit the completed form along with any type of supporting documentation. We understand that most people will likely only have photos of their damage and that’s fine, but please don’t wait until the last minute. To ensure you get the discount you deserve, please submit the documentation as soon as possible.

All residential property owners automatically received a five percent reduction due to non-operational properties for weeks after the storm landed. This reduction has already been applied to property assessments and no action is required to receive this adjustment.

“We will do everything in our power to ensure that everyone who has suffered damage gets the damage assessment reduction they deserve,” Williams pledged.

Those who experience additional physical damage, as well as commercial property, are encouraged to submit documents on damage from Hurricane Ida. The Hurricane Ida Damage Form can be completed and downloaded at Submissions must include documentation to support a damage claim, such as photographs, contractor’s repair estimates, inspection report, damage assessment, adjuster estimates or a copy of an insurance claim.

In addition to submitting the form online or making an appointment online, by phone or in person, the documents can also be filed at the town hall, room 4E01, 1300 rue Perdido or at the courthouse in Algiers. , 225 Morgan Street. Applications can be mailed to the Orleans Parish Evaluator’s Office, PO Box 53406, New Orleans, Louisiana 70153.

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