Fox Chapel officials keep line on property taxes, maintain recycling program

Fox Chapel owners will not have to pay more property taxes as part of the borough’s 2022 budget.

The Council recently approved its spending plan and its tax ordinance keeping the mileage rate at 2.95 mills.

Projected revenues are estimated at approximately $ 8.908 million and expenses at $ 8.7 million, for an estimated surplus of $ 208,000.

No community service or program has been cut to help balance the budget.

Projected revenues include approximately $ 3.544 million in property taxes, $ 3.229 million in income tax, $ 489,000 other taxes including local services tax (LST), $ 200,000 in revenue shared by the state, $ 154,000 in licenses and permits and $ 36,500 in public works costs.

Planned spending includes $ 1.762 million for police, $ 860,000 for garbage collection, $ 677,300 for administration, including salaries and legal services, $ 390,000 for library, $ 379,200 for parks, $ 163,000 for code enforcement, $ 120,700 for fire protection, $ 105,000 for buildings and grounds, $ 57,500 for collection taxes and $ 44,000 for EMS.

About $ 1.234 million is budgeted for paving, which has become the standard allowance for several years.

“The borough participated in a 10-year road reconstruction program,” Koehler said. “What we’re doing are stormwater and catchment checks while we rebuild the roads. “

Stormwater management efforts help with drainage and reduce ice conditions and reduce the need for salt during the winter months, the director said.

Koehler said 2022 is the last year for the aforementioned program. The borough will reassess and identify other roads to be paved in the years to come.

Koehler said public works crews have done the majority of the work so far, saving the borough money.

The garbage collection service is provided right to the resident’s garage door and not just at the curb like many municipalities.

The weekend recycling program at the Borough building also remains intact. Residents can come on Saturdays and Sundays. Bulk items including glass, cardboard and mixed metals can be recycled.

Board Chairman Andy Bennett praised the administration for its tireless efforts in budgeting and fiscal responsibility.

Taxes were increased in 2019 by 0.45 million to boost road improvements.

Upcoming capital projects over the next few months include McCahill Park’s safety nets and ball fields being rehabilitated, as well as a new walking trail and storm water controls. The project is still in the design phase.

The estimated cost is $ 300,000, with some costs to be offset by grants.

“It will be an exciting year because of the renovations,” Koehler said. “It’s a big advantage. “

Work is also continuing on a new public works garage behind the borough building along Fox Chapel Road, next to the recycling center.

The manager said construction began with the construction of walls. It is planned to have solar panels to power the operations of the district. It is not known when the project will be completed.

The budget is available for consultation at the borough office and online at

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