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Many people associate filing federal income taxes with receiving a return. According to the IRS, the average tax refund in 2021 will be $2,800 (up from $2,500 in 2020). Taxpayers frequently use this money to supplement their retirement savings or save for a home. But what if you require funds before the IRS issues your refund? 

You might want to think about taking out a tax return loan or $255 loans on the same day California. They work in the same way as other short-term loans. Payday Champion can assist you in getting the loan you need for unexpected expenses.

What Is a Tax Refund Loan and How Does It Work?

A return anticipation loan is a formal name for a tax refund loan (RAL). A lender will issue you a loan based on your federal income tax refund. Small financial institutions are frequently used as lenders. This may necessitate some research to ensure the loan is trustworthy. After you submit your taxes, several tax filing firms may offer you a tax refund loan.

Tax return loans are usually only good for a few weeks, just long enough for the IRS to process your refund. A lender will give you a loan for the amount of your expected refund less any fees or interest charges. You may get this loan on a prepaid card, a check, or an electronic deposit into your bank account. Some lenders only provide one of these alternatives, while others may give several.

After the IRS processes your refund will be sent straight to the lender. Your debt is now paid off, and you’ve made it through tax season. The only other thing to remember is that you must repay the loan in full even if your refund is less than the amount borrowed.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Tax Refund Loans

The most obvious reason to choose a tax return loan is that you require cash immediately and for a limited period. Maybe it’s February, and you’re about to pay a hefty bill. Alternatively, your emergency fund isn’t quite big enough, and you may use the money from your tax refund. 

While the IRS typically pays refunds within 21 days of receiving your return (and can take up to six weeks for paper returns), depending on your refund option, specific lenders may be able to deliver you the money sooner.

Taxpayers who file early in the tax season and claim the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) or the Additional Child Tax Credit are the most likely to get tax refund loans (ACTC). 

The IRS is prohibited from providing immediate tax refunds to people who claim these credits. 

When you file your 2021 taxes in 2022, the IRS estimates that you will receive your EITC/ACTC refund in the first week of March. As a result, if you claim those credits and file early, you could wait a little longer than usual.

A tax refund loan is not the ideal option if you need a loan that will last more than a couple of weeks. It’s also not a brilliant idea if you have cause to believe you won’t repay the loan in full (for example, if the lender offers a loan worth slightly more than your return and you’re unsure if you’ll be able to repay the difference).

What Is the Cost of a Tax Refund Loan?

The most important reason to avoid tax return loans is their high cost. In some instances, they resemble modest payday loans short-term loans with high-interest rates. You will likely spend less if you acquire a loan from a well-known tax filing provider than if you go through a third-party lender.

Lenders commonly charge an application fee of up to $100. You’ll have to pay the filing fee (usually around $40) if they’re assisting you with your taxes. There will be an additional cost, which will be determined by how you receive your loan. Getting your loan on a prepaid debit card, for example, may cost $30, while getting it on a check could cost $20. 

Lenders may charge a variety of different modest fees. You will also have to pay interest on the loan and the costs. In some circumstances, your interest rate will be in the double digits, if not triple digits.

To acquire a two-week loan, you should expect to pay ten percent or more of your refund. 

Of course, if your return is delayed or any other complications, you may have to pay more. 

Keep in mind that tax return loans often have early deadlines. As a result, child support, past taxes, school loans, and other factors may limit the amount of money you anticipate receiving from the IRS.

What Does It Take to Get a Tax Refund Loan?

Credit score criteria are typically less stringent because tax loans are less risky than unsecured ones. Your qualification is mostly determined by the amount of money you will receive from the government.

Tax loan providers will check your identification, assess your IRS tax history, and consider the amount of debt you owe. Keep in mind that some lenders may scrutinize your credit history. 

To pre-qualify as a candidate, you may be required to supply your Social Security number, contact information, and the amount of your prior tax year’s refund.

Alternatives to a Loan from a Tax Refund

Tax refund loans are usually not worth the hefty cost, therefore here are some options that may be more suitable for you:

Be patient and wait for your return. 

Yes, waiting isn’t always the best option, but if you e-file your tax return and choose direct deposit for your refund, the IRS may process your return in as little as one or two weeks. 

Waiting two weeks may be preferable to spending $100 or more for a temporary loan in some instances. It’s essential to keep in mind that different filing procedures take longer.

Reduce the amount of money you get back in a tax refund. 

If you get a large tax refund every year, it suggests you’ve been underpaying your taxes all year. 

It’s good to get a huge refund check, but you could also keep that money in your bank account throughout the year, which might help you avoid running out of funds and taking out a return loan. You’ll need to fill out your W-4 form more carefully to do so. This will take a little more forethought, but it’s an excellent method to increase your take-home earnings.

Look for a no-fee refund advance. 

Tax preparation services are one of the most common sources of tax refund loans. They’re commonly referred to as refund advances, used to encourage new consumers. As a result, some return advance loans are incredibly low-cost or even free. You might think about taking up one of the two free refund advance loans listed below.

Tax Refund Loans Have Risks

The cost of a tax return loan is the primary concern. Make sure you’re aware of all the fees involved with the loan. If your IRS return does not come within a specific length of time, you may be subject to penalties. The last thing you want to happen is for the loan to default. This will result in interest and a higher price for you.

Another concern is that you could receive a lower refund than expected. In such an instance, you’ll have borrowed more money than the IRS gave you, and you’ll have to develop the funds to repay the loan. This does not include any additional charges or interest. SmartAsset’s free tax refund calculator can help you estimate your refund.

Your return may also take longer than average to be processed by the IRS. This could be due to a mistake on your return or because the IRS has many returns to process.


A tax refund loan is a short-term loan that allows you to receive the full amount of your federal income tax refund sooner. 

On the other hand, tax refund loans are not the greatest alternative for most people due to their high cost. After all fees and interest are deducted, you may have to pay 10% or more of your refund to acquire a loan for a few weeks. Consider seeking a return advance instead if you truly require financial assistance.