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This Friday (2/4) at 10 a.m., Douglas County Superior Court will hold a summary judgment hearing on the capital gains tax passed last year. The State Supreme Court has consistently ruled that income is property and that a graduated/non-flat income tax is unconstitutional.

Washington voters have rejected 10 consecutive income tax ballot measures (11 including non-binding advisory vote last year on SB 5096). These votes include Washingtonians who overwhelmingly reject six proposed constitutional amendments to allow for a progressive/non-informative income tax.

The attorney general asked the court to ignore and expunge from the record public records from the IRS and all state tax departments across the country depicting a capital gains tax as an income tax. . I understand that these public capital gains income tax records may be an inconvenient truth to the Attorney General, but the facts are the facts, even if the state wants to hide them from the court record.

TVW plans to Live Stream Friday’s Capital Gains Income Tax Court Hearing.

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