Bellefonte owners could see their property taxes increase by 0.5 million | WTAJ

CENTRAL COUNTY, PA (WTAJ) – Bellefonte Borough Council will discuss an increase in property taxes for property owners at its December 6 meeting.

According to Borough Director Ralph Stewart, the proposed increase is 0.5 mil, which he says translates to an increase of about $ 22 to $ 23 per year.

“Nobody likes increases, but that works out to about $ 2 a month,” said Stewart.

Stewart says the reason behind the increase is to help with the general borough fund.

“We have a local police service of which we are really proud, we have a very good street service of which we are very proud. These services come from the general fund which we need an increase, ”said Stewart.

According to Stewart, they are struggling to meet the costs because the borough’s natural tax base is not growing fast enough.

“So in order to maintain the same level of service, we need around $ 50,000 to balance the budget and half a million would do that for us,” said Stewart.

During its December 6 meeting, council will vote and approve a provisional budget, which will then be posted on the borough’s website on December 8 for the community to inspect and review.

“And then at the next meeting, if anyone wants to comment in person or in writing, they’re invited to do so before the board passes the official budget,” said Stewart.

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