2022 Cook County Property Tax Bill: 2nd Installments, Usually Due August, Still Not Sent | What taxpayers need to know

Cook County (WLS) — The second installment of Cook County property taxes is usually due in August, but those bills haven’t even been sent to ratepayers yet.

The county says the bills will be out by the end of the year…but what does that mean for you?

“I’m still waiting for my bill, today is the first time I hear that,” Terencia Caldwell told I-Team. She said she budgets for her property taxes. She and other Cook County residents are still waiting for their second bills to arrive. They are already about four months late.

“Where is it? It’s not in my hands. It’s not in my mailbox. I haven’t received it,” Cook County resident Carol Stenson told I -Team.

The county said bills for the second installment would arrive before the end of the year. Then, a few months later, the first installment of 2023 will be due.

This won’t affect homeowners who pay taxes on their mortgage, but other taxpayers will have to save and juggle their budgets.

So what’s going on? The Cook County Assessor’s Office, which assesses amounts owed, directed the I-Team to the office of Cook County Chairman Toni Preckwinkle.

No one there would speak on camera, saying only, “We are working with all elected offices regardless of the property tax system to ensure that tax bills are sent and collected as soon as possible.”

The statement added that: “We remain confident that their commitment to a 2022 due date, before the end of the year, will be realized.”

The Cook County Chairman’s Office added that it will continue to support government entities that rely on the money, “so they can fulfill their duties to the residents of Cook County.”

Still, some taxpayers want more break between bills.

Stenson said: “It’s a bit difficult when you only have one salary to live on, you know, it’s going to be difficult.”

The I-Team asked the Cook County Chairman’s office about payment plan options for residents, but officials did not respond.

However, tax experts say that if you can, you should pay the second installment by the end of the year in full, so you can deduct it from your 2022 federal income taxes and get a refund. most important.

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