15 Michigan Counties With The Highest Average Property Taxes

These 15 counties in Michigan have the highest average property tax per year.

Paying taxes is probably one of the most hated things in life. There is a tax for everything. Sales tax, income tax and the list goes on and on. Of course, anyone who owns a home or land knows that property taxes are just another issue we have to deal with. Of Michigan’s 83 counties, these 15 counties get the most out of your property tax bank account.

On average across the state, Michigan residents pay about $2,145 a year in property taxes. This figure is based on a home worth approximately $132,200. In most cases, you will pay around 1.62% of the market value of your home in taxes.

Of the 50 states, Michigan is ranked 18th in average amount raised. Depending on where you live, you might end up paying more than others. Living in Washtenaw County is going to cost you because it has the highest property tax in Michigan, residents paying an average of about $3,900 a year.

When it comes to the highest average property taxes per year, the 15 listed below top the list. Many of them are located around the Detroit area and several more are located near Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo and Lansing. There are also a couple in the northern part of the state near Traverse City.

As I prepare to buy my first home soon, I can say that I have already crossed Washtenaw County off the list for a number of reasons, mostly because I just don’t want to live there.

Source: Tax-Rates.org

15 Michigan Counties With The Highest Average Property Taxes

These 15 Michigan counties have the highest average property tax per year, with the highest being just under $4,000.

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