10% more discount on property taxes in QC


The Quezon City government was asked on Monday to grant an additional 10% rebate on property taxes for property owners in Quezon City starting in January 2022. “It would be a pandemic relief for city residents and those who own property. real estate in Quezon. City, ”Anakalusugan party list representative Mike Defensor said in a statement. He said homeowners in the city are currently entitled to a 20% rebate if they advance their tax payments for the entire year in the first quarter. “It’s their right to advance their payments. On top of that, the city is expected to give them a 10% discount due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s a way to help and give back to taxpayers, ”he said. Defensor, who is running for mayor of the city in the May 2022 election, added that the city could very well afford the additional tax cut. “Real estate income is only a small fraction of the city’s income. Most of it comes from corporate taxes, ”he said. He said based on his own report, the city earned more than 22 billion pesos last year from local taxes, in addition to billions of internal revenue allowances or a share of national tax revenue. donated by the national government. Previously, he and his running mate, District 2 Councilor Winnie Castelo, had proposed a five percent reduction in business tax. At the same time, Defensor reiterated his call for the city to remove the increase in the tax on residential, commercial and industrial land in Quezon City which is due to take effect in January 2023. He said that the increase, imposed under ordinance 2556, is just suspended until december 2022 by virtue of at least two subsequent municipal bylaws. He said if Quezon City residents elect him and Castelo, they will remove the planned tax adjustment for the land for good. “Our people are already grappling with the pandemic, with many workers struggling to meet the daily needs of their families. We should not increase their financial burden, ”he said.

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